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MCA – Approved Engine Course (AEC)

30 Hour Diesel Engine Course

The objective of the Approved Engine Course is to give students both the theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on experience of diesel engines and associated systems.

The AEC enables students to carry out regular servicing of marine diesel engines, and to carry out fault prevention and detection. This course meets the requirements for the MCA Codes of Practice for the ‘Safety of Large Commercial Sailing and Motor Vessels’, the ‘Safety of Small Commercial Motor Vessels’ and the ‘Safety of Small Workboats and Pilot Boats’.

The 30 hour diesel engine qualification is the entry level qualification for the MCA ‘Engineering Officer (Yacht)’ syllabus. It is also a prerequisite for certain areas of both the Fishing and the Workboat sectors. 

Pre- Course Requirements


Course Content

  • Compression Ignition Engine
  • Cycles of Operation and Construction Details
  • Fuel System
  • The Role of Air in the Combustion Process
  • The Cooling System
  • The Lubrication System
  • Engine Electrical System
  • Power Transmission
  • Hull Fittings
  • Marine pollution and Safe Working Practices
  • Fault finding and rectification.

Course Delivery

The AEC course is a highly interactive course which involves classroom teaching mixed with practical workshop sessions in order to ensure candidates reach the required standard.

A display engine is used during the classroom sessions to allow hands-on demonstration and learning of the different components.

This is followed up in the workshop where candidates get their hands on a working naturally aspirated 4-cylinder marine diesel engine to experience the effects of the individual components on the running of the engine.

Assessment and Certification

Assessment is by continuous appraisal by the instructor via question and answer sessions and practical ability assessments.

On completion of the course you will receive the MCA AEC 30 hour diesel engine certificate.


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Approved Engine Course (AEC) Dates

There are currently no scheduled dates for this course. if you would like further information about the course or to discuss future course dates then please phone us on 01752 770589

Diesel Engine - MCA 30 hour Approved Engine Course - AEC

Course Cost

Course Fee (Inc. VAT) £600


Course Duration

30 hours taught over 4 days

Approved By

MCA Approved AEC Training Course

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