Master Unlimited Oral Exam Preparation

Your Oral Preparation course is one of the most important you will do. Consequently, we align your needs closely with our training to ensure you have the best chance of passing the MCA examination at the first attempt. Our pass rates are very high.

We will provide you with a qualified Master Mariner who will be with you for the full duration of your preparation. We do not ask you to pay for a desk for self-study as some providers do.

Your instructor will begin by assessing your subject knowledge across the whole syllabus and then tailor the instruction provided to bring your knowledge up to the required standard in all subjects. At the same time they will be coaching and advising on exam questions and on answering technique.

Our pass rates are very high due to the level of commitment shown by our instructors, who have first-hand experience of the examination processes, in depth knowledge of the commercial maritime sector and a wealth of knowledge from working at sea.

To arrange your oral prep dates please call us on 0800 197 8855 or use the contact tab to email us.

Pre- Course Requirements

Candidates are expected to have a reasonable knowledge of all subjects in the syllabus. It is recommended that candidates will already have their exam date before undertaking this course.

Course Content

The first part of the course will include a review of all subjects in the Master Unlimited syllabus which will then determine the specific subjects to be covered in more detail where candidates need strengthening.

A mock oral examination will form part of the course.

Course Delivery

This is an instructor led program using classroom teaching and practical sessions to ensure that candidates are up to the required standard for an MCA Oral Examination.

Tanker - Unlimited Master Mariner Oral Exam Preparation

Contact us to arrange your Oral Prep

Course Duration 4 Days 

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MCA Approved Master Mariner Exam Prep


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