STCW Training

STCW 95 Basic Training

The 1978 STCW convention governs maritime training and certification worldwide and clearly sets out the training requirements for seafarers at every level.

The convention was updated in 1995 and again in 2010 (The Manila Amendments). The latest amendments mean that you now need to keep some of your qualifications updated. The updating training, which needs to be completed every 5 years, may be done in house or on board for certain courses, but for others it means re-taking the course. All of our STCW courses meet the initial and updating requirements where appropriate.

STCW Basic Safety  & Security Training

Before going to sea you must have a certain level of basic safety training whether or not you are directly involved in the running of the ship. The courses required are;

Additionally, if you are serving on a vessel governed by the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code, you will need

Unless you have any kind of role in the security of the ship, in which case you need

  • STCW Proficiency in Designated Security Duties

It should be noted that many vessels opt to voluntarily follow the ISPS code, particularly superyachts.

Advanced STCW Safety Training

For higher level certificates you need additional qualifications. The available courses aremedical care

  • STCW Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats – Needs Updating
  • STCW Proficiency in Fast Rescue Boats – Needs Updating
  • STCW Proficiency in Medical First Aid
  • STCW Proficiency in Medical Care – Needs Updating
  • STCW Advanced Fire Fighting – Needs Updating

Bridge Operations

The STCW convention also states that if you are involved in watchkeeping in any capacity, that you should have one or more of the following management and navigation certificates;helm o

Updating Training

The following STCW Courses need to be updated. If you work for a company with in-house training facilities, some of your updating training can be on board and can be self-certified. The company can then provide you with a shorter course as per the table below. The table also contains links to the self-certification forms where applicable.

If you do not fall into this category, you simply re-take the whole course at an approved training centre.

STCW Proficiency On-board Training Course length to attend Self Declaration Form
Personal Survival Techniques Yes 4 Hours MSN 1865 Annex B
No Full PST Course
Survival Craft and Rescue boats Yes 3 Hours MSN 1865 Annex C
No 7 Hours
Fast Rescue Boats Yes 4 Hours MSN 1865 Annex D
No 7 Hours
Fire Prevention & Fire Fighting Not Applicable 7 Hours Not Applicable
Advanced Fire Fighting Yes 4 Hours MSN 1865 Annex E
No 7 Hours
Proficiency in Medical Care Not Applicable 3 Days Not Applicable

Terms and Conditions

It is important that you only purchase courses from the web pages that are directly relevant to your field of work or leisure as they may not be relevant or transferable across sectors. If in doubt please call us. The WMT cannot be held liable for purchases made incorrectly.

Unless otherwise stated all course certification will be issued to Maritime and Coastguard Agency standard and/or STCW’95 or RYA standard depending on the course/s you have selected.

Your payment online is subject to the same cancellation terms and conditions as to any other methods of payments. Please refer to our Cancellation Policy.

On attending any of the above courses, you may be asked to supply any information we require in writing on the first or subsequent days of your course. Please see our Privacy Policy. This is used to complete your registration process with the relevant authorities. The information we require will only be that in direct reference to your application and training and to personally identify you. You must also bring with you photographic identification to personally identify you as the applicant. We may also ask you to provide information to us prior to your attending your courses.

If you have a given an email address, in completion of your purchase you will be automatically sent your joining instructions via email. WMT cannot accept liability for lost or corrupt mails, mails prevented by firewall or spam detection or other not named processes by which receipt is not made. We strongly recommend therefore that before travelling you use the print/read facility for your joining instructions as a precaution.

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